Easy Crochet Envelope

Probably one of the most versatile crochet projects. This crochet envelope can be used with any type yarn, any hook size, in any color.

I have written up this pattern using light yarn and a 4.25mm hook, however I will update these pictures as I make more envelopes using different yarn weights and hook sizes.

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***You can purchase an AD free, PDF version of “The Easy Crochet Envelope” pattern on Etsy HERE.  The AD-free version is 5 pages, beautifully formatted, and includes cover page, full pattern, and diagrams.*


Hook: 4.25mm
Yarn: Approximately 10g or less than 1oz
Yarn Weight: 3 – Light/DK yarn
Button: 7/8″-1.5″ in diameter
Needle for weaving in ends & sewing needle for attaching the button
Optional: Crochet Heart Applique

Finished Size

3.5″ x 4″ (8.9 cm X 10cm)


Begin with a long 24″ (61cm) tail.

Row 1: Make 23 FHDC. Ch 1. Turn

Row 2-16: HDC in each stitch. Ch 1. Turn = 23 HDC

Row 17: HDC in the next 19 stitches. Chain 2. Skip 2 stitches. HDC in last 2 stitches. Chain 1. Turn. (this row makes the button hole).

Row 18: HDC in the next 19 stitches. 2 HDC in the Chain 2 space, HDC in last 2 stitches. Chain 1. Turn.

Row 19. HDC in each stitch. Fasten off, weave in this end, but not the long, starting tail.

Use the long starting tail to form the envelope, using the photo tutorial below.

Sewing the Envelope

Thread the needle back to the center of the 3 corners and attach the button.
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