You have probably noticed some changes over my social media accounts over the past couple of weeks. The changes may only be a couple of weeks old but it was after a lot of careful thought, reflection, and journaling.
I thought a lot about NorthEast Baby, my craft, what I started, where it is now, and where I want to be. That last part “where I want to be” was the most important.   I filled countless journal pages trying to figure out where I want to be.

When I started this page, I called it “NorthEast Baby”. It was really simple because well we live in New England and I was about to have my second child. The idea was to sell my finished products, designed for the littles. Well that lasted all the way until I found out I was expecting my third child. Any extra time I had to crochet, just went out the window.

Life happens.

It was then I decided to turn away from creating and selling finished products to writing easy to read and error free patterns. That sounds so much easier than it really is. It is tough and can be challenging, especially when things just aren’t coming out the way you wanted.  To put it simply, I fell in love with the entire process.

That was when I decided to focus almost exclusively on pattern writing.  I say almost exclusively because I still plan to take the occasional custom order…for now.

It was this whole reflection, that made me realize the name “NorthEast Baby” just no longer fit.  I am no longer just baby focused, my creative interests include the whole family and home. Over the course of a couple of weeks, I transitioned the name to NorthEast Mama.  I think it was a subtle change, but much more fitting to what has been a long evolution to my creative process.

There are still a few things I need to finish changing from NorthEast Baby to NorthEast Mama.  I appreciate your patience while I finish this transition.

Warmest wishes,

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