This elephant crochet pattern is just the next in a long line of appliques I’ve made.  Appliques are one of my favorite embellishments!  They use up leftover bits of yarn, can be used in a lot of different ways, and do not take a lot of effort!

They be sewn onto clothes as patches, added as a final embellishment to a blanket, or as coasters.  In the case of these cuties, I added them to my kid’s craft box, to be used for later rainy-day craft projects.

This elephant crochet applique ended up in the kid’s craft box.

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Hook Size: 5mm

Elephant Head

Magic Circle

SC 8 into circle

Ch 1

2SC in each stitch around = 16 SC

Ch 1

*2Sc, 1 SC* = 24 Stitches

Fasten off, weave ends

Elephant Ears

Using Complimentary Ear Color

Alip stitch to  Attach to any stitch

1SC in next 4 stitches , slip stitch into 5th stitch= 5 Stitch

Ch1, Turn

SC in each stitch = 5 stitches.

Fasten off, weave ends


Make an ear on the opposite side of the circle.  you can count stitches but I usually just eyeball it

Follow the same Ear steps for the second ear

Elephant Outline

Switch back to grey

inset the hook where the chin of the elephant will be

SC all around the elephant head & Ears.

Fasten off weave in all ends

Elephant Trunk

Chain 16

Slip stitch in second chain from the hook.  Slip stitch in each stitch.  Leave a long tail, fasten off,

Sew onto center circle of elephant head.  Weave in all ends.

Elephant Eyes

Use black yarn to stitch eyes.  Weave in all ends.  I hope you enjoyed this elephant crochet pattern!

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