Using simple stitches and easy repeats, the Parquet stitch creates a beautiful, open-lace fabric.

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The Parquet Crochet Stitch is a beautiful open-lace stitch.  The great thing about the Parquet Stitch is how versatile it is.  It makes a great fabric for a market bag, but also for a shawl or scarf. 

The Parquet Stitch looks like an advanced technique yet is very easy to learn.  It uses simple stitches and only a two-row repeat.   Once mastered it is one of those great stitches just made for binge watching.

This tutorial uses a bulky cotton yarn with a 6.5mm crochet hook.

Crochet Terminology

This tutorial is written using US crochet terminology in the following abbreviations:

CH = Chain
SC = Single Crochet
DC = Double Crochet
RS = Right Side
WS = Wrong Side

Begin Parquet Stitch

Base Chain – Multiples of 3 + 2

Row 1 (RS): 1sc in 2nd CH from hook, *ch3, 1 DC in same space, sk 2 ch, 1sc into next ch,* repeat from * until end. Turn.

Row 2 (WS): Ch3 (counts as 1 DC), DC into 1st stitch, *in next ch3 space [SC, CH3, DC],* repeat from * until last SC, DC into last SC, skip turning chain, turn.

Row 3 (RS): CH 1, SC in 1st stitch, CH 3, DC in next CH2 space, *in next CH3 space [SC, CH3, DC],* repeat until end, SC into turning chain, turn.

Repeat Rows 2 & 3

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