Whether or not you love or hate candy corn, you will love this candy corn crochet pattern.

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I am one of those people who LOVES candy corn.  So much that every single Halloween I will over indulge on it and end up with a massive sugar hangover. Every. Single. Halloween.

Luckily for me, candy corn crochet is sugar free.

This candy corn crochet garland works up pretty quick and is pretty easy.  They are all double crochet, worked in a triangle shape, using DC2TOG.


NOTE: The materials noted in this section are to make 1 candy corn crochet triangle.  I will give my totals for making 8, however you may need more or less yarn depending on how many candy corn crochet triangles you need.

1 Triangle

  • Yellow: 2 yards
  • Orange: 3 yards
  • White: 1 yard

What I used (8 Triangles) 

  • Yellow: 16 yards (Big Twist Baby in Baby Dandelion)
  • Orange: 24 yards (Red Heart Super Saver in Pumpkin)
  • White: 8 yards (Red Heart Super Saver in White)

Hook: U.S. H/8 - 5.00mm

Also needed:

  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle for weaving in ends.

Gauge: (U.S. H/8 - 5.00mm) 7 stitches/4 rows = 2x2 inch square in double crochet

Stitches Used:

  • DC = Double Crochet
  • DC2TOG = Double Crochet 2 Stitches Together
  • CH = Chain


Start with Yellow

Chain 26

Row 1: DC in 3rd chain from hook.  DC in each stitch across.  Ch 1. Turn = 25 DC

Row 2: DC2TOG, DC in next 21 stitches, DC2TOG. Ch1. Turn = 23 DC

Row 3. DC2TOG, DC in next 19 stitches, DC2TOG. Ch1. Turn = 21 DC

Change to Orange

Row 4. DC2TOG, DC in next 17 stitches, DC2TOG. Ch1. Turn = 19 DC

Row 5. DC2TOG, DC in next 15 stitches, DC2TOG. Ch1. Turn = 17 DC

Row 6. DC2TOG, DC in next 13 stitches, DC2TOG. Ch1. Turn = 15 DC

Row 7. DC2TOG, DC in next 11 stitches, DC2TOG. Ch1. Turn = 13 DC

Row 8. DC2TOG, DC in next 9 stitches, DC2TOG. Ch1. Turn = 11 DC

Row 9. DC2TOG, DC in next 7 stitches, DC2TOG. Ch1. Turn = 9 DC

Change to White

Row 10. DC2TOG, DC in next 5 stitches, DC2TOG. Ch1. Turn = 7 DC

Row 11. DC2TOG, DC in next 3 stitches, DC2TOG. Ch1. Turn = 5 DC

Row 12. DC2TOG, DC in next 1 stitch, DC2TOG. Ch1. Turn = 3 DC

Row 13. DC3TOG. = 1 DC

Fasten off and weave in all ends.


Block your triangles.  This will allow you to fix the corners to look sharper and relax the stitches.

Attach your triangles using a complimentary color.  I used orange but you can use any color.  I think black would look amazing.

To attach

Ch 5

Join chain to first yellow corner of the triangle

SC across using the join color across the top of the triangle


Repeat with the next triangle.

End with a Ch 5.  Fasten off and weave in all ends.

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