This yarn calculator will help you estimate the total yarn needed for a crochet or knit a project.


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When I was organizing my yarn stash, I came across a plastic bag of all the smaller balls of yarn. I knew what brand they were, but I had no idea how much yarn I actually had. So I set off to figure out exactly what I had.

It turns out there is, it involves a bit of math, a little converting, more math and converting back.  Doable, but hardly simple or quick.  My crochet journal was starting to look more like an 8th grade math homework book.

The yarn calculator was born

The yarn calculator was created out of my desire to not have to scribble math formulas all over my crochet journal anymore and also know how much yarn I have.

This yarn calculator has been my go-to resource not just to figure out how much yarn I have left to use, but also when I write new patterns. Rather than estimating via skeins, my patterns now contain a more accurate amount of yarn needed.

Taylor Kitchen Scale from Amazon

The yarn calculator is based on weight and will help you figure out exactly how much yarn you’ve used or have left, in yards and meters.

To use the yarn calculator is pretty simple.  You need 3 things:

  1. The original yarn label or Google if you know the brand but no longer have the label
  2. A scale.  I use this simple kitchen scale (affiliate link) from Amazon
  3. The yarn you want to use.

Video (IGTV): How to use the yarn calculator

I really hope the yarn calculator helps you figuring out how much yarn you have and saves your crochet journal from math scribbles.

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