The crochet pattern for this tape measure cover might fall under the category “crochet all the things!”

Not only are these super cute, but they are so quick to make and the perfect stash buster project.


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Plastic tape measure on neutral wood background

I have so many of these tape measures and usually buy this 3 pack from Amazon. My kids are always taking them, then hiding them in secret places, or I leave them somewhere. Regardless, I lose a lot of them.

I’m hoping by covering them it will stop me from losing them, although I guess it does make them more attractive to my kids.

two crochet rounds and darning needs on neutral wood background
Front and Back before sewing together


Hook: US H/8 5.00mm
Needle for weaving in ends
Yarn Worsted Weight (approx. 11 yds or 10 meters)

Pattern Notes

This pattern is customized for the tape measures pictures (the ones I bought from Amazon).

Two covered tape measures on neutral wood background

Crochet Pattern (Make 2)

Magic Circle

Round 1: 8 SC in magic circle = 6 SC

Round 2: Make 2SC in each stitch around = 16 SC

Round 3: *2 SC in stitch, 1 SC in next stitch* repeat until end = 24 SC

Round 4: SC in back loop of each stitch around = 24 SC

Leave long tail for sewing together.

Using the tapestry needle, sew the 2 pieces and measuring tape together, leaving a small opening where the measuring tape will be pulled from.

Two covered tape measures on neutral wood background
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