Making a crochet shamrock doesn’t get any easier than this pattern. This pattern builds on the Easy Crochet Heart Pattern I have previously posted.

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Making this crochet shamrock is as easy as making a crochet heart, because that is all it is!


Using the Easy Crochet Heart pattern, you can easily whip out a lot of these cute shamrocks in a short amount of time.

The amount of yarn used in 1 shamrock was so small, my scale barely moved. The ball of yarn I started with was slightly less than 10g (shown below). This ball of yarn allowed me to make 2 complete shamrocks with 2 leftover hearts.

Crochet shamrock pattern step 1
© 2019 Cindy Unangst

For this pattern I used a H8/5.00mm hook and worsted weight yarn. If you want a larger shamrock, use bulky yarn and a bigger hook. Smaller shamrock? Lighter yarn and a smaller hook. The amount of yarn you will need might be different than I listed above, but it will still be a small amount.

Crochet shamrock pattern step 2
© 2019 Cindy Unangst
Photo of Step 3 crochet shamrock pattern
© 2019 Cindy Unangst

I left both tails about 6″ (15cm) long. I used both of them to attach the hearts to the stem.

Crochet shamrock pattern step 4
© 2019 Cindy Unangst

This next part is optional depending on your needs. You might skip it if you are going to immediately attach the shamrock to a blanket, hat, etc.

After I finished the shamrock, took photos, I realized I wasn’t completely happy with it (they are going in the kids’ craft box) I found the shamrock hearts too floppy. I cut another 6″ (15cm) strand of yarn and sewed the hearts to each other. I only sewed the first 2 back loops of each heart to each other. This gave it enough of a foundation to keep it from flopping.

Crochet shamrock pattern helpful hint
© 2019 Cindy Unangst
Crochet shamrock pattern Finished
© 2019 Cindy Unangst

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