Zero-waste, stash busting, and quick, does a project get any better than that?! 

Before I started making reusable cotton rounds for my own use, I was using between 3-5 cotton balls per day.use 3 disposable cotton pads a day, that’s a total of 1,095 – 1825 cotton balls ending up in the landfill each year. Just from me! Little changes can make a big impact.

pin it now, Make it later

How To Use Them?

However you want! Seriously!  Anything you use a cotton ball or a cotton pad for, you can replace with reusable cotton rounds.

I use them mostly for removing my makeup, applying toner, or anything else that has to do with my skincare routine. I wouldn’t use them for removing nail polish.

I keep mine in this repurposed sugar bowl I found at the local thrift shop

I have used these on my babies.  I’ve also made larger ones for using all over my body.

How To Care For Them?

Officially, it depends on the yarn you use.  The reusable cotton rounds in these photos are made from Lily Sugar’n Cream 100% cotton yarn.  The label just says “Machine wash and dry”.

Unofficially?  I just toss them into the wash with my clothes, then dry them on whatever setting happens to be set.  This means they have been washed on hot, warm, and cold. They have been dried on high and low settings.  I don’t over think it.

Can I Sell These?

Absolutely YES!  I have sold these (wholesale) to a local, natural foods market.  I have also given these as part of a spa-set to friends.  These would be great for craft fairs, giveaways, stocking stuffers, etc.

Do you know someone who hand makes skincare or soaps?  Maybe sell them some or partner with them for a giveaway collaboration or limited edition, something or other.

Now onto the pattern!

Small Cotton Round Pattern

This will make a small cotton round approximately 2″ in diameter

Hook:  H/8 5.00mm

Yarn: Lily Sugar’n Cream 100% cotton yarn

Make Magic Ring

Round 1:   Chain 2; Make 8 DC in Ring; Join with a slip stitch 1st DC
Round 2: Make 2DC in each stitch around; Join with a slip stitch 1st DC
Fasten off and weave in all ends.

Yes it is that simple and quick!

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