Crochet Pattern: Easy Crochet Heart

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Out of all the crochet hearts I have made, this version is by far the easiest. Each crochet heart takes less than 5 minutes and less about 1 yard of yarn each! That’s it!


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You could literally use any yarn or hook size lying around. This is one of my favorite stash busting projects. I’ll save the bits of leftovers in a sandwich baggie, then when the baggie is full, I’ll bust out a bunch of hearts.

I never worry about having too many crochet hearts because I know the will be used eventually. Some will become adornments for hats, blankets, or scarfs. Some will be put into the kid’s art boxes to for future creations, while others might just be photos props!

I’m saving a few so the kids can make their Dad a Valentine’s Day card.

If you look a the picture below, you can see I made several different sizes using bulky yarn, wool yarn, worsted weight, and light yarn. Each was made using this same tutorial but with 4 different crochet hook sizes.

You don’t have to use only yarn either. I wanted to make a couple out of jute but I only had a small 8 inch piece. You could also use ribbon, rope, or any other yarn-like material you have.

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